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13.7. 通力合作

13.7.1. 团队合作:groupware

Groupware tools tend to be relatively complex to maintain because they aggregate multiple tools and have requirements that are not always easy to reconcile in the context of an integrated distribution. Thus there is a long list of groupware packages that were once available in Debian but have been dropped for lack of maintainers or incompatibility with other (newer) software in Debian. This has been the case with PHPGroupware, eGroupware, and Kolab.
All is not lost though. Many of the features traditionally provided by “groupware” software are increasingly integrated into “standard” software. This is reducing the requirement for specific, specialized groupware software. On the other hand, this usually requires a specific server. Citadel (in the citadel-suite package) and Sogo (in the sogo package) are alternatives that are available in Debian Stretch.

13.7.2. 使用 FusionForge 协同工作

FusionForge 是一个协作开发工具,有一些原型在 SourceForge(一个给自由软件提供宿主服务的项目)上。使用自由软件标准开发模型。在 SourceForge 的代码专有后,它自身保持进化。最初的作者 VA Software决定不再发布任何自由版本。当第一个分支(GForge)发展的时候,同样的事情发生了。由于各种个人和组织都参与了开发,而且项目不纯用于软件开发,当前的 FusionForge 也包含了传统开发方式所使用的一些特性。
FusionForge 可以看作是多种用于项目管理,追踪和协作的工具集合。这些工具可以粗略的分成三大块:
  • communication: web forums, mailing-list manager, and announcement system allowing a project to publish news
  • tracking: tools to track project progress and schedule tasks, to track bugs, feature requests, or any other kind of “ticket”, and to run surveys
  • 共享:文件管理器用于提供项目稳定的单一集中控制,通用文件发布管理器,每个项目的专用网站。
Since FusionForge largely targets development projects, it also integrates many tools such as CVS, Subversion, Git, Bazaar, Darcs, Mercurial and Arch for source control management (also called “configuration management” or “version control”). These programs keep a history of all the revisions of all tracked files (often source code files), with all the changes they go through, and they can merge modifications when several developers work simultaneously on the same part of a project.
Most of these tools can be accessed or even managed through a web interface, with a fine-grained permission system, and email notifications for some events.
Unfortunately, FusionForge is not part of Debian Stretch. It is a large software stack that is hard to maintain properly and benefits only few users who are usually expert enough to be able to backport the package from Debian Unstable.