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1.4. 跟着 Debian 最新消息

如前所述,Debian 计划以极为分散、有机的方式进行。结果是,必须痛苦地读取无止尽的消息才能保持与计划连系。
订阅 邮件列表是获知 Debian 重要消息的方法。此邮件列表的流量极低 (每年只有十来个消息),只提供最重要的通知,诸如新版发布消息、选举新的计划领导人、或 Debian 年度会议。
More general (and regular) news about Debian are sent to the list. The traffic on this list is quite reasonable too (usually around a handful of messages a month), and it includes the semi-regular “Debian Project News”, which is a compilation of various small bits of information about what happens in the project.
Debian 的演化与各团队的运作,参见 邮件列表。如其名称所示,其内容较适合开发者的口味,也适合关心稳定版以外版本发展的人。 提供用户可见的结果, 则告知该等结果的产生方式。如专栏所示,'d-d-a' (如其名所示) 是 Debian 开发者必须订阅的邮件列表。
Debian's official blog ( is also a good source of information. It conveys most of the interesting news that are published on the various mailing lists that we already covered and other important news contributed by community members. Since all Debian developers can contribute these news when they think they have something noteworthy to make public, Debian's blog gives a valuable insight while staying rather focused on the project as a whole.
A more informal source of information can also be found on Planet Debian, which aggregates articles posted by Debian contributors on their respective blogs. While the contents do not deal exclusively with Debian development, they provide a view into what is happening in the community and what its members are up to.
计划本身也是一种社区网络。Debian 本身只有以自由软件建构的官方平台 (如 微博客平台,由 架构,Debian 的奉献者多半另有自己的推特帐号、脸书页面、Google+ 页面等。